Megamali is the heart and soul of Moonshadow. She was there before we ever sold a single product, tinkering in the kitchen, keenly learning the ancient secrets of soap making, herbal infusions, and product development. Megamali’s family life and work-life are intimitely intertwined and we are often graced with the laughter of her children in the workshop and the helping hand of her husband when there are big jobs to be done.

“Being able to check in on my kid’s homework while I work is a convenience I don’t take for granted and appreciate being able to do this while producing good for the earth products”

– Megamali

Sion is the founder and visionary behind Moonshadow Naturals. He developed an interest in natural products because it was an outlet for his creative vision and for his understanding and concern about environmental and social issues. He is a self taught entrepreneur, designer, and product developer. The goal was always to create and offer a range of products that meet social, environmental and economic goals of being good for people and good for our mother earth.

“The idea here is to be humble in what we offer even though we are tackling serious issues. I don’t believe in convention or rules but I do believe in dreams and the power of going against the grain to create the change that I’m seeking in the world!”​

– Sion

Behind the scenes working hard to support production at every step, Nilangi is a keen apprentice. She has been with Moonshadow for 2 years and never skips a beat. She shows up with a smile at a moment’s notice and brings it all together. Because Moonshadow is a family oriented business we have often called on her father, a superb carpenter, to create shelves, tables, and whatever else we need around the workshop. Nilangi is also the seamstress that coordinates the sourcing of sarees and oversees the production of our saree bags in the village.​

“The flexible and understanding work schedules provide me with incomparable work/life balance.”

– Nilangi

Moonshadow Naturals Marketing Director. Gayan is also involved in the distribution of our products islandwide and other initiatives such as the Farmers Market down in the south of Sri Lanka.