Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil


100% pure essential oil. Steam distilled from the leaf of cinnamon tree.

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the world’s largest producer of cinnamon leaf oil and while it is has been relatively under utilized in aromatherapy, it is recently getting praise and feedback as a versatile essential oil. It is a powerhouse antibacterial agent and is typically used in cleaning the home, but it may also be used in an oil burner to purify the air inside your home. It is also a good choice for an insect repellent and recent studies have shown cinnamon bark and cinnamon leaf oils to be more effective than citronella oil at keeping mosquitoes away.

Use in an oil burner to purify the air inside your home.

Drop a few drops in bucket of water to mop your house or wipe counter-tops, furniture etc.

Do not use directly on the skin as it will surely cause irritation, however, diluted in a carrier oil (5-10 drops in 50ml carrier oil) the oil can safely be applied to the skin.

Do not take internally.



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