Clove Essential Oil


100% pure essential oil. Steam distilled from clove stems and buds.

Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Clove oil is traditionally used to treat fungal skin infections but is most commonly used to aid in pain relief and inflammation of the gums and tooth ache.  It has also been known to support issues related to muscle and joint pain, respiratory problems, and support in recovery from flu and colds.  Do not use undiluted on the skin as it may cause irritation.

1-2 drops on a moist cotton wool, press between your teeth or place between cheek and gums for pain relief or to ease swelling.

5-10 drops in 50ml virgin coconut oil for use to relieve muscle and joint pain, or on the chest to relieve symptoms associated with cold or flu. Use in an oil burner to purify the air inside your home.

Drop a few drops in bucket of water to mop your house or wipe counter-tops, furniture etc.

Do not use directly on the skin as it will surely cause irritation, however, diluted in a carrier oil (5-10 drops in 50ml carrier oil) the oil can safely be applied to the skin.

Do not take internally.



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